Travel Experiences

I have spent the past two summers in Rwanda, Italy, and the United Kingdom. In each of these locations, I have experienced cultural exchanges that have shaped my world view and opened my mind. For travel photos, go to the “Gallery” tab.

Theatrical Credits

A Dramatic Art major at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have written, acted, and directed in productions in early, middle, and high school, as well as with collegiate companies. For examples of shows I have worked on, check out my resume and other items under the “Portfolio” tab.

Writing Interests

Along with my love of the theatre, I am an avid writer. Perhaps this should not be surprising, considering that both of these interests involve storytelling. Since the days of typing up fairytales on my family computer, I have been enthralled by the stories that tumble out of my head and onto the page. For examples of some of my favorite pieces, go to the “Portfolio” tab.

Theatrical Globalization

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a jack of all trades, albeit master of none. My diverse interests intersected when I began traveling and writing about theatre. I realized that theatre could be a beautiful tool for communication and spreading ideas.

In many cultures throughout the globe, theatre has been used to pass down stories, history, and tradition from one generation to the next.

However, theatre is not used simply for retelling history–it is a reflection of the ills of one’s own society to better the future. It helps us examine injustices, explore mysteries, and discover the nature of human connection. Through interacting with different theatrical traditions across the globe, we learn from each others’ cultures and theatrical traditions.

Want more information?

Want more information about me? Go to the “About Me” tab!